Dymedix Completes Phase One Building a Global Distributor Network

Dymedix® Diagnostics, Inc., manufacturer of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) based sleep diagnostics sensors, announced it had completed the first phase of building a global distribution network. To date, this network now consists of a mix of domestic and rest of world (ROW) authorized dealers specializing in polysomnography accessories. The company plans to expand this network further, creating the largest worldwide selling group of sleep diagnostic sensors.

Founded in 1998, Dymedix® has been developing and manufacturing specialized sensors for the sleep medicine market for nearly 20 years. Dymedix® has utilized PVDF film technology to create a durable family of sleep diagnostic sensors that provide more responsive, stable, and linear signals compared to other competing products. The company will continue its history of innovation in the sleep medicine industry with plans to introduce several new products later this year.

At the beginning of 2017, Dymedix® began winding down its direct sales to focus exclusively on selling through a global network of authorized distributors. Dymedix® believes this is the best way to provide consumers with a higher level of support while maintaining the lowest possible price. The company also plans a number of promotions for the remainder of 2017, giving customers an opportunity to sample and purchase a variety of sensor types with outstanding pricing and warranties.


Jim Moore, President and CEO reported “The company has traditionally sold products with an emphasis on direct sales which I believe has limited our exposure and market penetration. This expanding network of distributors will finally give us the opportunity to address the needs of sleep centers around the world.”

Patrick Burns, VP of Sales and Operations, adds “The global objective more fully expresses our corporate mission to exceed our customers’ and partners’ expectations by developing innovative products advancing the business, science, and understanding of sleep medicine.”

Michael Clark, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, stated: “Establishing a global distribution network allows for the exposure of our products to a much larger consumer base who will be able to take advantage of the competitive nature of these distributors each time we introduce a new promotion.”

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