Oakes’ Adult + Neo/Ped + Simulation Bundle – Now Available for Pre-Order

RespiratoryBooks.com (Health Educator Publications, Inc.) has announced that you can now pre-order all of Oakes’ titles in one bundle and save almost $60.

Bundle includes:  

2018 Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Care Pocket Guide

2018 Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Simulations Student License/Workbook*

2017 Adult Respiratory Simulations License/Workbook*

2017 Respiratory Care Pocket Guide

2017 Hemodynamic Monitoring Pocket Guide

2017 Hemodynamic Monitoring Study Guide

2017 ABG Interpretation Pocket Guide

2017 ABG Interpretation Study Guide

2016 Ventilator Management Pocket Guide

* Do Not Purchase this book unless instructed to do so by an instructor.  This book is a required license for participating in simulation.  While it has many critical thinking questions, no answers are provided nor will they be provided.

Special Note:  This bundle includes Oakes’ Neonatal/Pediatric Pocket Guide and Neo/Ped Simulations, which will not be available until the beginning of August.  The bundle will ship when the book arrives in August.

All titles can be purchased on their website RespiratoryBooks.com either individually or in specially priced bundles.

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