Electromed Launches SmartVest Connect™ Wireless Technology for SmartVest® SQL®

Electromed, Inc. today announced the late June launch of the SmartVest® SQL® with SmartVest Connect™ wireless technology, a personalized high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) therapy management portal for patients with compromised pulmonary function. The SmartVest SQL with wireless technology features built-in cellular connectivity, offering healthcare teams and patients access to treatment information to better collaborate in making patient-centered care decisions. SmartVest Connect is available online at https://connect.smartvest.com to pediatric and cystic fibrosis patients using a wirelessly enabled SmartVest SQL system.

  • SmartVest Connect enables patients to track progress of their therapy plan and includes a real-time SmartVest Score and easy-to-read goal reports that provide an in-depth look at performance.

  • Created to encourage patient engagement, SmartVest Connect provides feedback for patients to take an active role in their HFCWO therapy, fostering improved therapy adherence.

  • SmartVest SQL with SmartVest Connect is simple, intuitive, and designed to automatically update following completion of a therapy session: just plug it in.

“SmartVest Connect is designed to make it easy for healthcare teams and patients to track therapy performance and collaborate in treatment decisions,” commented Kathleen Skarvan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Electromed. “We believe this innovation will strengthen our patient and clinician partnerships, leading to greater therapy adherence and improved quality of life for individuals with compromised pulmonary function. We’re proud to stand by our commitment to ‘making life’s important moments possible’ and continued innovation of delivering market-driven HFCWO therapy solutions. We expect to expand SmartVest Connect availability to targeted adult pulmonary clinics throughout the year.”

The SmartVest System uses HFCWO, a proven therapy that helps clear the lungs of excess secretions, reducing the risk of respiratory infections and hospitalizations. HFCWO produces an alternating flow of air into a garment that rapidly compresses and releases the chest wall at a variety of selectable frequencies and pressures, resulting in an oscillation in airflow within the airways that act to loosen, thin, and propel mucus toward the major airways where it can be expectorated or suctioned away.

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