SleepRate Launches ‘Global Sleep Fix’ to Tackle Global Sleep Crisis

SleepRate, the developer of a comprehensive sleep improvement app, today announces the launch of the ‘Global Sleep Fix’ event, which will run between 5th September and 3rd October. The aim of the event is to help people worldwide improve their sleep for a healthier, less stressful and more productive life. The event will provide free access to the world’s first comprehensive sleep solution that monitors, evaluates and provides therapy for people affected by lack of or poor-quality sleep.

The ongoing global sleep crisis has led to sleep problems for 75% of the globe, with most countries surveyed falling well below the sleep expert recommended 7.5 hours a night1. Common complaints, identified by the SleepRate app, include waking up feeling unrested (75%), feeling sleepy during the day (73%), finding it hard to get up (71%), having trouble sleeping (50%), snoring (48%) and waking up during the night or waking up too early (36.5%)2. These common sleep complaints lead to a global average of 468 days of sleep debt in a person’s adult life.

Lack of sleep has been shown to contribute to heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and even a decrease in lifespan3. Poor sleep not only affects people’s health4, it also makes it harder to concentrate5, reduces productivity6, and affects their mood7, diminishing an individual’s ability to interact with people at home and at work. Harvard University has found that people’s ability to learn decreases significantly after a poor night’s sleep due to an inability to retain information, which is important for work, education or running daily errands8.

Dr. Anda Baharav, founder and Chief Scientist of SleepRate comments:

“The importance of sleep cannot be underestimated – it can account for up to a third of our lives. Lack of or poor-quality sleep can leave individuals at risk of serious health problems, mood disorders and poor performance at school or work.” She continued, “We have launched the Global Sleep Fix event to help people identify any issues or behaviours affecting their ability to sleep well and to resolve them with ongoing support.”

During ‘Global Sleep Fix,’ participants worldwide will receive a personalized sleep assessment report identifying any behaviour-related sleep deficit disorders by using the SleepRate app for at least three nights out of seven consecutive days. The app creates a step-by-step personalized action plan and guide on how to improve a person’s sleep by reducing the inability to fall asleep, wakefulness during the night or other sleep issues. This enables participants to wake up feeling refreshed and remain energized throughout the day to lead a healthier, less stressful and more productive life.

Based on any problems identified, participants in the ‘Global Sleep Fix’ event will receive tailored expert-level e-coaching to increase the quality of their sleep, free of charge. This therapy is based on gold-standard cognitive behavioral protocols adapted to mobile media licensed from Stanford University, just as it would be if the person was visiting a sleep therapist in person.

Lisa Artis, of The Sleep Council, comments:

“In today’s modern life there are even more distractions, from social media and games on our phones last thing at night to the pull of watching the next pre-recorded Game of Thrones episode. We don’t really think about the long-term consequences. Here at The Sleep Council we are fully behind Global Sleep Fix, supporting our Sleeptember initiative. We would encourage everyone to get involved to get a better night’s sleep. Who doesn’t want to sleep better?”

The ‘Global Sleep Fix’ event is a necessary step to solve the fight against the global sleep crisis. The event aims to further society’s awareness of the importance of sleep and how to best improve sleep. It will also support SleepRate and the wider sleep research community to gain deeper insights into sleep. Using the SleepRate app during the ‘Global Sleep Fix’ event will help those who do not have the time or resources to address their nightly tossing and turning, and is a great opportunity for those who wish to improve their performance.

People can download SleepRate’s clinically-validated sleep solution app for free between 5th September and 3rd October, and anyone who signs up during this period can continue using it free for a year. Usually the app costs $89 (approximately £69/€75) per year.

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