Ancient vs. Modern Medicine Infographic: Enema for Your Asthma?

Advances in medical technology and treatment have allowed humans to live longer and healthier lives. This includes the ability to better treat everything from respiratory conditions and sleep disorders to cancer and acne. We have come so far that we now live into our mid-80’s. Back in the day, however, common ailments that are easily treatable today would be extremely painful to treat or could cause death. For example, did you know that in ancient times, doctors treated headaches by drilling into the skull to release “evil spirits” from the body? Or that leeches were used to drain blood from septic patients? If you think going to the doctor today makes you anxious, we invite you to see just how far we have come medically since ancient times. The team at put together the Ancient vs. Modern Medicine Infographic and it is interesting to see how the medical field has evolved to treat mental illness, headaches, warts, broken bones, cancer and more.

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