MaskMate Helps Solve CPAP Mask Seal and Irritation Problems

After having been laid-off due to budget cuts just before Christmas 2014, Jamie Leader, RPSGT, RST, CCSH, had been searching for the right opportunity in sleep health. This “respite” had given her a chance to pursue a new avenue in compliance with mask issues.

Ms. Leader spent some time the following summer snorkeling in the Gulf of Mexico for scallops with her friend and avid diver. After having some issues with leaks in her dive mask, her friend handed her a product that should help remedy the issue…and it did!

During her foray into sleep medicine, Ms. Leader has had the opportunity to work with many companies setting up patients on CPAP machines and was most recently the National Clinical Educator/Sales Manager for a CPAP mask manufacturer. She realized there were needs not addressed. These included irritations, air leaks, and red marks. Petroleum-based products could deteriorate silicone based masks and lubricants were often causing leaks due to slippage.

“Working closely with the manufacturer, we were able to change the viscosity of the patent-pending product so that it lubricates as well as seals the mask,” stated Ms. Leader. “This silicone-based compound is a moisture resistant paste that complies with the FDA requirements for incidental food contact. It is slightly tacky so that the mask seal stays in place.”

MaskMate can help with the aforementioned problems. It is especially helpful for men with facial hair, older and less firm skin, dry eyes, and the “farting noises” which patient complain are produced by the mask.

When asked about the product, Jean-Claude Labissiere, MD, FCCP, of Miami, FL, stated, “The time is right for a product of this type. I have patients with perspiration problems and this product helps the mask stay in place without causing abrasions.”

Although nothing is a cure-all, MaskMate is could be the solution for patients with mask issues. For further information contact your local DME, visit, or call 352.346.2318.

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