Ebb Therapeutics Launches Sleep Blog

What do the movies “Sleepless in Seattle,” “Fight Club” and “The Machinist” have in common? The main characters in all three have insomnia.

These movies show us that sleep is powerful and not getting enough can affect your mood, your memory, your productivity at work and so much more.

That’s why they’ve launched the Ebb Blog, a content hub created to provide you with relevant, high-quality resources, tools and information you need to achieve healthy sleep. Their latest blog post, Putting Drowsy Driving Behind You, details the dangers of driving while sleep deprived.

Achieving healthy sleep doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a journey with many ups and downs along the way. At Ebb, they look forward to helping you reach your goal of better sleep by being the go-to resource for all aspects of sleep and insomnia.

Check the Ebb Blog often for new articles, infographics, videos, and surveys for fun and interesting content about sleep – like Ebb’s staff rankings of the Top Ten Movies About Sleep!

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