Save up to $40 on Philips Respironics Sleep Apnea Masks

Save up to $40* on DreamWear, Wisp, or Amara View sleep apnea masks. Offer expires 1/31/18.
*Maximum rebate is total out of pocket costs per itemized receipt if under $40.

Save up to $40 on one (1) of the following masks:

Open face design provides an unobstructed view, reliable seal, freedom of movement, and does not directly contact the bridge of the nose. Allows you to choose your most comfortable sleep position.

philips dreamwear

Minimal contact nasal mask features a compact design created for minimal facial contact. A “tip-of-the-nose” cushion sits below the bridge of your nose while creating an optimal seal.

philips wisp mask

Amara View
Under the nose full face mask features a minimalist under-the-nose placement designed to not cause red marks on the bridge of your nose. Perfect for those who often sleep with their mouth open.

philips amara view mask

Download and print the rebate form
After downloading the form and completing a qualifying purchase you will be able to mail in your rebate request or complete your request electronically. Please read the rebate offer terms and conditions to determine your eligibility.

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