Sleep Your Way to a Successful 2018

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New Year’s resolutions are in full swing.

Whether you’re deciding to save money, lose weight or just become healthier and happier in 2018 there is one basic need that must be fulfilled in order for us to function well in all parts of our lives – SLEEP.

Here are a few reasons why getting good sleep is critical to reaching all of your 2018 goals:

  • Good sleep is good for your stamina
    If you do not get enough sleep, your endurance will suffer, and you will tire more quickly when you exercise. Up your sleep routine to be more successful when you workout
  • Shut-Eye is critical to staying sharp at work
    Poor sleep decreases productivity, creativity and positivity. It also negatively affects social and interpersonal skills. If you do not get enough good sleep at night, your time at work risks becoming a struggle, limiting your likelihood of success
  • Parents who get sleep have more patience
    A good—or even decent—amount of sleep leads to better memory and decision- making, while sleep deprivation increases the risk of suffering from mood swings, forgetfulness, depression and anxiety. All this can have serious effects on your family life
  • Well-rested brains can “just say no” to sugar
    Daytime sleepiness lowers energy levels and makes it difficult to stick to diet plans. Establishing a healthy sleep schedule will help you be more successful in your efforts to improve nutrition

These tips come from the experts at Sleep Cycle, an app that can help you get the high-quality sleep you need, increasing your odds of succeeding with your New Year’s resolutions.

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