Final Agenda: 2018 Philadelphia Sleep Conference

Full Breakfast – Meet with Vendors  6:30am – 8am

1. The Use of Upper Airway Stimulation for the Management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea   Colin Huntley, MD  8am -9am

2. Sleep Apnea and Today’s Commercial Driver   Mary Convey  9am – 10am

Snack Break 10am

3. OSA and Cardiovascular Disease   Miranda Tan, DO  10am – 11am

4. Troubleshooting Aspects for Advanced Bi-level Modes like PC, AVAPS, AVAPS AE   Emerson Kerr, RRT, RPSGT 11am – 12pm

5. The Critical Role of Nasal Obstruction in the Development and Treatment of OSA  Neal Nay, RPSGT, RST 12pm – 1pm

Lunch – Meet with Vendors 1pm – 2pm

6. Increasing CPAP Adherence Utilizing Data-Driven Strategies Susan Hoefs, CCSH, RPSGT, RRT  2pm – 3pm

7. The History of Sleep Technology: Ink & Paper to HST   Neal Nay, RPSGT, RST  3pm – 4pm

Snack Break 4pm

8. Sleep Lab Accreditation: What Sleep Techs and Managers Need to Know   Peter Allen, RRT, RPSGT 4pm – 5pm

9. The Morphing Manual: A Journey Through Scoring Revisions – v2.0 to v2.4   Larry Brewer, RPSGT, RST 5pm – 6pm

10. The Reluctant CPAP Patient   Susan Hoefs, CCSH, RPSGT, RRT 6pm – 7pm

7pm  Meeting conclusion, certificate disbursement

Soda, coffee and bottled water available all day long

(final program subject to change)

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