New Patented Allergen Blocking Sunglasses for Kids

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Chiggy & N the creators of a patented new line of allergen blocking sunglasses for kids, has announced today that they have begun shipping orders for their first batch of sunglasses to consumers. The ultimate goal of these sunglasses is to give children the freedom to enjoy their indoor and outdoor environments and improve their quality of life while giving their parents the ability to reduce the medications and steroids commonly used to treat child eye allergies.

After their eldest son developed allergies as a toddler, Manish Chadha and his wife Deepika, like many parents with kids who have allergies, grew more and more frustrated seeing their little boy suffer. “It was a spring day in Central Park. The trees were blooming… but our 4-year old son was miserable — severely reacting to the pollen with red, swollen, itchy, watery eyes,” says Chadha. “We tried everything that day, allergy medication, eye drops and ended up having to rush him back home — leaving a family reunion, where we watched him in misery the rest of the day,” he continued. “Our doctor recommended sunglasses but they simply didn’t work,” continued Chadha.

That night, a sad and frustrated Chadha and his wife stayed up and sketched what is now the patented Chiggy & N sunglasses. The next day they showed the idea to respected Allergist & Immunologist, Dr. David Werthiem who simply said, “Brilliant!” Their partnership was born that day and today nations of children with eye allergies will benefit from their creation.

“Children love the glasses, parents are using less allergy medication and the kids wear them because they look cool and are comfortable. It’s a win-win and most importantly, my patients are happy,” says Dr. Wertheim.

With a 96% success rate in patient testing, the glasses block 98% of eye allergens or irritants including pollen, dust, sand, and debris. They’re built with tough TR-90 polycarbonate, moldable rubber nosepiece and forehead shield, side shields, and UV 400, scratch resistant lenses… sure to survive the rough and tumble days of being a kid.

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