Neal Nay, RPSGT, RRT to Present “The Critical Role of Nasal Obstruction in the Development and Treatment of OSA”

neal nay rpsgt

The Critical Role of Nasal Obstruction in the Development and Treatment of OSA

Presenter: Neal Nay, RPSGT, RST
Lecture Time: 12pm – 1pm

Neal Nay is the manager of the Jupiter Medical Center Sleep Center, in Jupiter, Florida. He has literally dedicated his life to sleep, with more than 25 years and sleep disorders technology including research, clinical, and teaching arenas.

This 50-minute lecture covers the normal physiology and common pathology of the nasal airway and their effect on nasal airflow resistance, snoring, and obstructive respiratory events. The influence of nasal pathology on treatment success of PAP and mandibular advancement therapy is also covered. The anatomical features, reflex systems, mucous transport, and circadian cycles of the nasal system will be discussed.

Learning Objectives:
1. Identify important nasal structures and systems related to airway patency during sleep
2. List physiological symptoms and common pathologies of the nasal airway that are associated with snoring and sleep-related breathing disorders
3. Describe preventative approaches and corrective treatments for nasal airway pathology and influence on treatment success and compliance with PAP and mandibular advancement devices

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