How Women Sleep

women sleeping
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This data comes from the sleep experts at Sleep Cycle just before International Women’s Day (March 8). Please see below additional data points regarding how women sleep and here to view an infographic tying it all together

  • 52% of women are woken up by a snoring partner
  • 27% of women have slept in a separate bedroom or on the couch due to their partner’s snoring
  • What percentage of women snore by country? (average is 55%)
    • Sweden – 70%
    • Great Britain – 66%
    • United States – 60%
    • China – 53%
    • India – 50%
    • South Africa – 31%
  • Sleep by month:
    • Women sleep the most in January
    • Women sleep the least amount and have the worst quality of sleep in June
    • Women get the best quality of sleep in October
    • Women wake up in the best mood in November
  • Sleep by day:
    • Women wake up in the best mood but get the worst sleep on Sundays
    • Women get the least amount of sleep on Wednesdays
    • Women wake up in the worst mood on Thursdays
    • Women get the best and most amount of sleep on Saturdays

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