Driving Value With Home NIV: Discover How You Could Save Your Organization Millions

You may already know the clinical benefits of home NIV, but now discover the significant cost savings this new approach could bring to your organization.

Emerging evidence has reinforced the use of home-based noninvasive ventilation (NIV) to treat patients with chronic hypercapnic COPD. This new methodology was proven in the recent HOT-HMV study.1 And now, outcomes of a study published in Value in Health make the clinical and financial benefits of combination therapy truly impossible to ignore.2

Collectively, the reports demonstrate that when you center care on patients, the organizational cost savings follow.

We need to reimagine the way we provide care to patients across the entire care continuum and throughout every stage of disease. We’re not relegated to just medication; we’ve got much more in our wheelhouse.”

Teofilo Lee-Chiong, MD
Pulmonologist and Chief Medical Liaison

Better for patients

Today, nearly 25% of COPD patients will be readmitted following an acute exacerbation.3 This impacts disease morbidity, worsens their quality of life and drives increased costs and penalties for health systems.

Recently, NIV usage has increased in hospitals to treat these exacerbations in patients with severe COPD. But, when patients are discharged, they are often armed only with oxygen, medication and an inhaler.

De-escalating the level of care upon discharge is thought to be the culprit responsible for many readmissions.

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Excerpt and photo printed with permission from Philips Respironics

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