Philips Named Best Overall MedTech Company and Recognized for Best Sleep Monitoring Solution

philips smartsleep

Royal Philips, today announced it has been recognized as Best Overall MedTech Company by the 2018 MedTech Breakthrough Awards, which also recognized Philips SmartSleep as Best Sleep Monitoring Solution.  Over the last few years, Philips has evolved into a health technology company, focused on delivering solutions that can improve people’s lives across the health continuum, including healthy living and prevention.  Introduced at CES in 2018, the Philips SmartSleep solution is aimed at helping those who sleep less than 7 hours a night, get deeper, more restful sleep.

As health systems move towards value-based care, Philips has been working closely with them to develop solutions in diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, and oncology, among other areas, to help improve the patient and staff experience.  In addition, to SmartSleep, Philips has been developed meaningful clinical innovations, such as Philips AzurionPhilips Intellispace Enterprise Edition, and Philips Elition to improve workflows and help improve patient outcomes. 

“At Philips, we’re are working closely with our partners to create connected solutions that can achieve seamless care, helping them to provide the quality patient care their communities expect, while delivering on our goal of improving the lives of  three billion people a year by 2025,” said Vitor Rocha, CEO of Philips North America. “Being honored by our industry peers with the MedTech Breakthrough Awards for Best Overall MedTech Company and Philips SmartSleep validates our strategy and confirms that our digital health solutions are being recognized by those who understand what is needed  in order to move the healthcare industry forward.”

Philips SmartSleep: Best Sleep Monitoring Solution of 2018
Philips SmartSleep is the world’s only wearable solution that is clinically-proven to improve deep sleep quality for people who do not get enough sleep due to lifestyle. SmartSleep is the latest addition to Philips’ growing portfolio of smart digital platforms and intelligent solutions that connect people, technology, and data to give consumers data-driven insights into their health and access to professional expertise and advice.

MedTech Breakthrough recognizes companies, products and people developing innovative solutions for today’s health, fitness, and medical technology industries. The awards for Best Overall MedTech Company and Best Sleep Monitoring Solution reaffirm Philips’ leading role in developing digital health technologies that move the needle on solving today’s global population health challenges.

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