Wake Up Narcolepsy Awards $90,000 To Research

Wake Up Narcolepsy Awards Unrestricted Grants to Stanford And Harvard Narcolepsy Research

At the SLEEP 2018 meeting held in early June, Wake Up Narcolepsy awarded Dr. Mignot from Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine $45,000 for ongoing research. The funding allows Dr. Mignot to continue his pivotal research into the development of new narcolepsy treatments.

“Stanford’s dedication to improving the lives of narcolepsy patients and families would not be possible without the support of Wake Up Narcolepsy. ” said Dr. Emmanuel Mignot.

Pictured L to R: Nicole Jeray (Board Member and PWN), Lindsay Jesteadt (Director of Development), Dr. Mignot and Claire Crisp (Executive Director).

Dr. Scammell at Harvard Medical School also received $45,000 which has bridged a significant gap in his funding and allowed the continuation of his work on narcolepsy.

“WUN has made it possible for us to pursue many important questions around narcolepsy. ” said Dr. Thomas Scammell.

Pictured L to R: Lindsay Jesteadt (Director of Development), Nicole Jeray (Board Member and PWN), Dr. Scammell and Claire Crisp (Executive Director).

Claire Crisp, Executive Director of Wake Up Narcolepsy, said, “Funding narcolepsy research has always been central to the mission of WUN. While providing direct financial resources to key areas of narcolepsy research, our efforts also offer tangible hope to patients with narcolepsy and their caregivers. We are deeply grateful for all of you who continue to give.”

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