D R Burton Healthcare Launches the J-Wand™ Intubating Stylet


D R Burton Healthcare LLC, makers of respiratory, anesthesia and EMS products, announces the limited launch of the patent-pending J-Wand™, a semi-rigid intubating stylet for difficult intubations.

D R Burton is a medical device innovator providing high clinical value that improves patient care over current products while driving costs lower. The J-Wand was developed by Jay Annis, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. Mr. Annis also serves as D R Burton’s Vice President of Anesthesia. This innovative design easily and reliably facilitates placement of an endotracheal tube (ETT) during difficult intubations.

The J-Wand stylet employs an anatomically inspired curved rigid stainless-steel stylet with flexible introducer tip. This combination speeds time to intubation, while also reducing risk of airway trauma, and improving patient safety. Mr. Annis says, “The J-Wand’s flexible introducer tip helps to guide the ETT towards difficult anterior airways more effectively than current rigid stylets and standard flexible stylets. It also gives practitioners the option of providing each apneic patient a direct source of oxygen during the intubation process.”

The J-Wand supports direct laryngoscopy or video laryngoscopy and also features an oxygenation port. The J-Wand is packaged sterile, is disposable, and is a single patient use product.

Annis adds, “Our company’s focus and mission is rooted in the goal of creating value-based medical devices that improve patient safety and outcomes. We’re pleased to develop the J-Wand for intubations across all care settings, including anesthesia, emergency departments, intensive care units, EMS services, and all non-hospital settings where proper airway management is paramount.”

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