New PureHale Nebulizer for Patients On-The-Go

Aptar Pharma has just launched PureHale, a new portable, ready-to-use drug delivery solution designed for upper respiratory care.

PureHale when used in combination with saline or other natural ingredient formulations – helps relieve the symptoms of upper respiratory system conditions. PureHale will be officially launched at CPhI Worldwide in Madrid on October 9th and is a finalist in the CPhI Pharma Awards in the Excellence in Pharma: Drug Delivery Device category.

With the ongoing rise in pollution – the biggest environmental risk to health1 – the need for upper respiratory relief is more prominent than ever. PureHale’s innovative technology distributes a continuous fine mist that gently cleanses, moisturizes and soothes the upper respiratory tract, in turn helping to reduce irritations caused by coughs, colds, allergies, respiratory problems, and dry nose/throat issues.

PureHale’s portability allows consumers to relieve their symptoms wherever and whenever needed. Developed after researching and analyzing the benefits and challenges of traditional nebulizer technology, this new user-friendly system was engineered for on-the-go consumers. Unlike traditional nebulizers, the PureHale system does not require batteries or the prefilling of a reservoir.

The PureHale technology platform benefits include:
• Use of non-electronic technology eliminates need to plug in or charge
• Quieter and lighter than traditional nebulizers
• Complete portability and always ready to use
• Includes mask and mouthpiece options, offering adaptable treatment and suitable for
family use
• Continuous cooling mist with fine particles (20-30µm) optimized for targeted
deposition to the upper airways

Guenter Nadler, Director Business Development at Aptar Pharma, said of this latest launch:
“We are really excited to announce this newest Aptar Pharma innovation. We have seen a
real need for a device of this kind – traditional nebulizers come with a set of challenges
including complexities in setup, manual dexterity requirements and overall usage time.
Meanwhile, challenges during medication administration include poor inhalation technique,
duration of nebulization and understanding how to achieve optimal efficacy. PureHale has
been designed specifically with these challenges in mind and offers a solution by simplifying
the entire process.”

1 World Health Organization. Ambient Air Pollution: A global assessment of exposure and burden of disease. World Health. Organization. 1–131 (2016). Available at:;jsessionid=92C55343F97319C96E9247B22F60902D?sequence=1.

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