SleepScore Labs Sponsors Nonprofit Sleeping Children Around the World

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SleepScore Labs announced its sponsorship of nonprofit Sleeping Children Around the World(SCAW) to supply bedkits to children in developing countries who lack basic necessities for a good night’s sleep. With the help of its customers, SleepScore has pledged to donate to SCAW each night a user tracks their sleep via the SleepScore App or SleepScore Max. The total contribution is estimated to provide at least 10,000 bedkits annually. In addition, if users share their SleepScore with friends or family, they will both receive a one month Premium subscription to the SleepScore App for free1.

“The consequences of sleep deprivation are well documented in the scientific community. We know that poor sleep for children can lead to developmental issues later in life, as sleep impacts every part of life and health – we feel strongly that we must play our part to make a difference here,” said Colin Lawlor, CEO of SleepScore Labs. “It is an absolute honor and privilege to work alongside the amazing organization and volunteers at SCAW who have already helped more than 1.5 million children to get years of better sleep and achieve more in life. Now everyone can help – all you need to do is download the free SleepScore app and simply sleep. Every night you sleep with SleepScore counts towards helping a child in need.”

Donations to SCAW go towards funding bedkits for young boys and girls from developing countries around the world, ranging in age from six- to 12-years old. The kits consist of a mattress, pillow, sheet, blanket and mosquito net. Bedkits are manufactured or purchased within or near the local communities where the children live to support a positive economic impact on the region and eliminate shipping costs. Volunteer partners use their local knowledge and expertise to pick the best bedkit items for the children living in that area. Amazingly, volunteers from SCAW travel to distribute the kits alongside their local partners. It is a true partnership effort where the resources go directly to the children who need them.

“We are thrilled to be supported by SleepScore Labs, a company that shares in our mission of helping the world sleep better,” said Maurice Kowanetz, President and Chair of the Board of Sleeping Children Around the World. “Together, we will be able to work towards giving every child the opportunity to have a restful night’s sleep and a happier and healthier tomorrow.”

In 1970, Murray and Margaret Dryden founded SCAW, and since its inception, the nonprofit has raised over $30 million USD and delivered over of 1.5 million bedkits to children in 34 developing countries. To learn more about SCAW, volunteer or donate, please visit their website.

Connect with SleepScore Labs on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. The SleepScore App is free to download for Android via Google Play and iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

1 Estimated value is $5.99/month for Premium subscription.
Contents of each bedkit vary from country to country depending upon local needs, they always contain bedding, a mosquito net and school supplies.

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