Employees Ranked Teleflex Best Place to Work

Teleflex Incorporated was named the winner of MedReps.com’s 8th Annual Best Places to Work 2019 survey for the Large Category Best Medical Device Companies and came in second in the Overall Category, covering Best Medical Device Companies, Best Pharma Companies and Best Biotech Companies. Positive culture, strong products and innovation, opportunities for growth, trustworthiness in their leaders and collaboration were among the top factors cited by survey participants when asked why a company should be named the best place to work.

“This is an exciting time to be in medical devices, and an even more exciting time to be part of Teleflex,” said Liam Kelly, president and CEO. “This great company is more than strong products and strong financials. What sets us apart and makes us a stronger organization is our people. And, it’s their passion that drives our commitment to innovation, customers and patients. Our employees are energized for many individual reasons, and one very common one. It’s because what we do every day plays an important role in improving the health and quality of people’s lives,” Kelly noted.

Cam Hicks, vice resident of global human resources and employee communications emphasized, “We are proud of what’s happening here. Because of our employees, Teleflex has an outstanding culture and we credit them for bringing our core values to life every day.”

The majority of Teleflex votes in the MedRep survey came from current employees. “The way we are united is making all the difference. We put people at the center of all we do – working together to be entrepreneurial and relationship-focused all while having some fun in the process. Teleflex is growing and so are the careers of our employees. It’s what we call The Teleflex Advantage,” Hicks shared.

The Teleflex Advantage is all about growth, culture, people and careers. We focus on being exceptional every day and are passionate about how much we are making a difference to improve the health and quality of people’s lives – within our roles and out in our communities. Simply put, our people are passionate about being part of Teleflex.

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