Philips Adds H2O to DreamStation GO

dreamstation go humidifier

Philips just announced the anticipated addition of heated humidification to its DreamStation Go CPAP system. DreamStation Go’s heated humidifier enables those living with obstructive sleep apnea to easily travel while still receiving therapy with humidification that is essential to their quality of sleep and overall health.

Research on the effects of CPAP therapy shows that even brief CPAP withdrawal can have detrimental effects on patients with mild and severe OSA. When patients do not receive proper therapy, they can experience immediate recurrence of sleep-disordered breathing with similar frequencies to that of pretreatment.

Despite the need for constant therapy, adhering to CPAP treatment while traveling continues to be difficult for many patients. Now, with DreamStation Go, users looking for portability and the comfort of heated humidification can receive reliable and convenient therapy on-the-go – without the worry of missing treatment or the hassle of packing up their full-sized CPAP.

The DreamStation Go Heated Humidifier is compatible with tap, bottled or distilled water and features water-saving technology designed to provide users a full night of humidification by learning their sleep patterns and automatically tailoring delivery based on ambient and therapy conditions. Additionally, the humidifier is compatible with Philips’ patient-preferred 12mm micro-flexible tubing, and most CPAP masks.

See DreamStation GO with heated humidifier here.

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