Breas Medical Introduces The Z2™ CPAP

z2 cpap

Breas Medical introduces the Z2™ CPAP – the ultra-small, lightweight CPAP that’s perfect for travel. “Our goal was to take the small, light package of the Z1 CPAP and improve its performance so that it is quieter and starts up therapy on the first breath,” says Tom Miller, General Manager of Sleep for Breas Medical. The Z2 is available in a fixed pressure model, Z2 CPAP, and an auto-adjusting APAP model, Z2 Auto™.

Small and Light

At just 6.48” x 3.30” x 2.02” and 10.4 oz, the Z2 is one of the smallest, lightest CPAPs on the market. The addition of the PowerShell® with Extended Life Battery makes the Z2 the only truly integrated battery powered CPAP. It is designed for our patients to take it anywhere they want to go – even off the grid.


The new motor and firmware combined with the included Qtube® muffler reduces both the static and dynamic noise at the mask and at the air intake. The noise is reduced at the air intake 29% on average and 26% on average at the mask as compared to the original Z1 CPAP.

Auto Start/Stop
The new Z2 Auto firmware introduces an Auto Start / Stop feature which senses when the patient is wearing the mask and automatically starts or stops the treatment.

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