DreamWisp: Philips Introduces First-of-its-Kind Sleep Apnea CPAP Mask

philips dreamwisp cpap mask
  • Over-the-nose nasal cushion with the hose on top of the head to offer unprecedented comfort for CPAP mask users
  • First-of-its-kind solution for sleep apnea patients allows them to sleep in any position they want

Royal Philips has announced the launch of DreamWisp, the first-of-its-kind over-the-nose nasal mask that allows patients with sleep apnea to sleep in any position they want. With its robust nasal cushion and top-of-the-head tube design, DreamWisp delivers a new level of comfort and freedom of movement, providing patients with the therapy option that best suits their needs.

More than 100 million people are estimated to suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) worldwide [1]. Unfortunately, many of these patients with sleep apnea have difficulty adhering to their therapy because of the discomfort associated with CPAP masks. For those who need an over-the-nose mask, the front facial tube is often cited as the main reason why patients chose to forgo sleep apnea treatment.

The DreamWisp mask solves this problem by bringing the benefit of Philips DreamWear’s unique top-of-the-head tube design to users who benefit from the seal of an over-the-nose cushion, yet continue to deal with the challenges of frontal tubing. With this CPAP mask, patients now have an additional mask option that provides an extra level of comfort and the opportunity to improve therapy adherence.

“Throughout the world, millions of people suffer from sleep apnea and many of them struggle to adhere to therapy because of mask discomfort,” said Mark D’Angelo, Sleep Business Leader for Philips. “Designed with the patient in mind, DreamWisp helps sleep apnea patients get the rest they deserve with the ability to sleep more comfortably. As we continue to expand our sleep portfolio, our focus remains on providing patients with comfortable solutions that help them improve their sleep and overall wellbeing.”

As a leader in sleep apnea mask design, Philips has been innovating for years based on provider and patient feedback. In fact, 97 % of clinicians participating in a trial said they would recommend the DreamWisp mask to another clinician [2]. In addition, DreamWisp patients and their bed partners alike said they were satisfied with the exhalation of air from the mask, commenting both on the ability of the mask to stay in place and to maintain its seal [3].

The development of DreamWisp expands on Philips’ commitment to improving the quality of life for those with sleep and respiratory conditions. The Philips DreamWisp mask is now available for purchase through Philips-authorized home medical equipment providers and online medical equipment providers.

For additional information on Philips’ solutions for sleep and respiratory care, follow @PhilipsResp on Twitter or visit www.philips.com/DreamWisp-news.  

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