Inogen Releases Innovative Inogen One G5™ Portable Oxygen Concentrator

inogen g5 oxygen concentrator

Inogen, Inc. today announced the release to market of its innovative Inogen One G5 portable oxygen concentrator.

At only 4.7 pounds and 6 flow settings, the Inogen One G5 is the most balanced portable oxygen concentrator Inogen has ever created to meet the needs of oxygen therapy patients and home medical equipment providers – for use at home, away, and for travel. The Inogen One G5 represents a step forward in innovation, as it is the highest oxygen output per pound of weight of any portable oxygen concentrator currently available in the homecare market in the United States. With 1,260 ml of oxygen production capacity and Inogen’s standard Intelligent Delivery Technology®, the Inogen One G5 was designed to meet the clinical needs of 95% of patients that express an interest in Inogen’s products for long-term oxygen therapy. Other patient-preferred features include a long battery life of up to 13 hours with the optional double battery, access to Inogen Connect, a large LCD screen, and very quiet operation.

It is Inogen’s mission to push the boundaries of conventional design and to develop innovative and patient-preferred oxygen technology to help patients reclaim their freedom and independence.

“The Inogen One G5 exemplifies Inogen’s spirit of innovation and dedication to designing products specifically for the end consumer, the oxygen therapy user, while also taking into account the needs of the homecare provider,” said Scott Wilkinson, Inogen’s CEO. “We are extremely proud of the level of innovation that we are delivering to patients, and we look forward to hearing about the lives changed because of the Inogen One G5.”

The Inogen One G5 has been released for sale to oxygen therapy patients in the Company’s domestic direct-to-consumer sales channel and is expected to be made available to additional sales channels, including domestic and international business-to-business channels (pending receipt of any required foreign regulatory approvals), through a controlled rollout process over the coming months.

Weight  4.7 lbs. (includes single battery)
Size  Length: 7.19″
Width: 3.26″
   Height: 8.15″ (includes single battery)
Oxygen FlowPulse dose delivery system
   6 flow settings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
PowerAC Power Supply 100-240V, 50-60Hz
(auto sensing to allow worldwide use)
   DC Power Cable: for mobile use in car
BatteryDuration (single battery): up to 6.5 hours
Recharge up to 3 hours with AC or DC power
   Duration (double battery): Up to 13 hours
Noise Level  38 dBA*
Operation  Simple control functions and easy-to-read LCD display
Use  Designed for 24/7 use

*At flow setting 2

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