New Disposable RIP Belts from Braebon

BRAEBON announces new disposable RIP effort belts for use with MediByte, MediByte Jr, or with third-party home sleep apnea recorders and PSG systems.  Available in two styles: pre-cut lengths or by the roll. 

* Model 5571-24 Pediatric RIP Effort Belt* 18″ x 1″ / 45 x 2.54 cm (L x W), length, qty 24, single use only 

* Model 5572-24 Small Adult RIP Effort Belt* 28″ x 1″ / 70 x 2.54 cm (L x W), length, qty 24, single use only

* Model 5573-24 Large Adult RIP Effort belt * 39″ x 1″ / 100 x 2.54 cm (L x W), length, qty 24, single use only 

* Model 0579  84″ (210 cm) Cable* Two 1.5 mm touch-proof safety pins to two male snaps – may require Model 0350 adapter 

* Model 8579  16″ (45 cm) Cable* One dual 1 mm keyhole connector to two male snaps – for MediByte & other HSAT recorders 

New Disposable Respiratory Inductive Plethysmography (RIP) Bands in pre-cut lengths and with adjustability and applied in a few simple steps. 

New 115 feet (35 meter) roll of disposable BRAEBON RIP (Respiratory Inductive Plethysmography) Banding makes cleaning a thing of the past. Cut the length you need for each patient for less waste and a better fit. Works with most HSAT and PSG systems when used with reusable connectors, sold separately. 

* Model 5577 Single Use Roll   * 115 feet / 35 m x 1″ / 2.5 cm (L x W). Requires the use of a third-party connector cable

Source: Braebon Medical

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