EarlySense to Serve as Technology Engine for Improved Sleep Projects in Japan

EarlySense, a manufacturer of contact-free continuous monitoring solutions across the care continuum, has announced the launch of its advanced sleep sensor and sleep analysis engine into “Real Sleep,” a healthy sleep service jointly developed by KDDI Corporation, the second largest telecom service provider, and NeuroSpace Inc. The sensor is integrated into the France Bed LOOPER RP-5000SE mattress, and will connect to “Real Sleep,” a new addition to KDDI’s “au Home” suite of smart services.

This integration connects the Real Sleep app with the EarlySense sensor and sleep analysis platform, accurately measuring the user’s sleep score, sleep times, sleep depth and other measures to quantitatively analyze sleep quality. Neurospace’s sleep experts then use the analysis as the basis for advising users on how to improve their sleep.

“Integrating EarlySense’s proprietary home sensor and analytics SDK and API’s into our Real Sleep program allows us to utilize the most sensitive and accurate sensor on the market to help our users improve sleep efficiencies,” said Takanori Kobayashi, CEO of NeuroSpace. “With this cutting-edge sensor, we are able to expand our personal sleep improvement programs and significantly advance their performance, helping provide personalized expert sleep advice to better resolve sleep issues.

“Simultaneously we are honored to participate in significant collaboration with EarlySense, in terms of cooperative research and development between Japan and Israel. We would like to not only improve people’s sleep conditions but also play a role in enhancing sleep quality.”

“We are excited to see our home sensing and analytics technology serve such a central role in new sleep improvement programs in Japan,” said Yfat Scialom, VP International Sales and Marketing of EarlySense. “Sleep plays a vital role in good health and wellbeing, and we are proud to provide the core technology that can improve users’ sleep processes.

“We are proud to support KDDI’s goal of ‘integrating telecommunications and life design … (through) exciting new ideas … that help support and enrich the lives of our customers through au HOME services,’ as stated in the company’s recent announcement.”

Customers who purchase the France Bed LOOPER RP-5000SE mattress are able to utilize the embedded EarlySense sensor by purchasing the Real Sleep and “au Home” programs. The “au Home” program is available for ¥790 per month, with the additional sleep “Advice” option available for ¥300 per month.

Source: Early Sense

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