Video Showcases Bongo Rx Ultra Portable Sleep Device

AirAvant Medical has created an eye-catching, animated patient video for Bongo Rx its flagship sleep therapy device. In the 36 second clip, the video characters demonstrate the ease of therapy and versatility of Bongo Rx by using the device at home, on a plane, and while on a camping trip.

The soft nasal device is inserted in the nares and creates expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP) to treat mild to moderate OSA.

Visit Bongo Rx to find out more.


  1. There are reviews and comments from users regarding their experiences with Bongo Rx posted on our website. AirAvant does not provide samples to patients nor sell directly to patients. The product is a prescription device cleared by the FDA to treat mild/moderate sleep apnea. We sell our products to healthcare providers who can instruct and assist patients with questions about the device as well as pricing. Providers may request samples via a form on our website or calling the toll free number and speak with customer service.

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