Somnoware Thought Leader Speaks at Global Healthcare Interoperability Conference

Somnoware, is excited to share some important insights from Irene Dilinila’s recent speech at the Network of Asia-Pacific Sleep Specialists (NAPSS) conference in Honolulu, HI. As an industry thought leader in the field of healthcare interoperability, Ms. Dilinila was invited to speak with sleep center managers and sleep technicians. In her talk, she highlighted emerging trends in both device and software system interoperability within the sleep healthcare industry. She discussed the important role played by the health level seven (HL7) international standards in the transformation of the industry. Ms. Dilinila also shared the unique features within the Somnoware platform that enable tighter integration with diagnostic devices, electronic health records, shipment modules, therapy ordering, and care management systems.

The typical sleep center today may have 3-6 different software applications. Sleep technicians and managers are required to login and enter the same patient data (such as patient demographics, insurance information, medications, medical history, and problem lists) into multiple applications. This causes redundancy and is prone to human error. Many documents are also scanned and faxed for transmission to electronic medical records (EMR), durable medical equipment (DME) providers, and referring physicians. All these inefficiencies can be mitigated with Somnoware.

The Somnoware software platform enables digitization of electronic patient questionnaires. Hence, discrete patient data is captured and stored right from the source. Interpretation reports, scored reports, questionnaire data, history and physical (H&P) examination, and other data is automatically sent to the EMR system. Positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy orders can be placed from within the Somnoware platform and sent with relevant documentation to DME providers. The platform also provides users to monitor PAP adherence data at both population and patient levels. With Somnoware, sleep centers can achieve faster accreditation and have the ability to track efficiencies across every part of their workflow.

“Lack of interoperability introduces significant inefficiencies at sleep centers, resulting in wastage of both time and money,” says Irene Dilinila, Senior Business Development Manager of Somnoware. “With middleware platforms like Somnoware, sleep centers can now achieve greater operational efficiencies. They can also provide superior value-based care to patients.”

Somnoware offers the industry’s leading respiratory healthcare management platform that integrates with over 150 software systems and devices. The platform is currently used by one in five pulmonologists in the United States. Physicians get instant access to diagnostic test data, e-signature capability, one-click DME ordering, PAP compliance data, and the ability to conduct end-to-end patient care management. Diagnostic test centers can automate their complete workflow including scheduling at multiple centers, inventory management, automated reporting, therapy ordering, and accreditation. Using Somnoware, customers are able to reduce time to diagnosis by up to 80% resulting in significant reduction in cost of care and increased provider capacity.

Source: Somnoware

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