Meet SOMNOtouch PSG: Smallest, Fully AASM Compliant PSG Device

somnotouch psg

The SOMNOtouch™ PSG is the smallest fully AASM compliant polysomnography device on the market today. In addition, our Home Sleep Camera is an innovative solution for synchronous video in an ambulatory setting – especially where reimbursement demands a video e.g. for pediatric or adult ambulatory polysomnography. A wireless camera can be added to the configuration for video and audio synchronization. No internet connection needed.

Even though it’s hardly larger than a credit card, real-time data is displayed on the high-resolution touch screen. In addition, the measurement data can also be transferred to a tablet or smartphone for a signal check. Extremely lightweight, only 64g including the battery, yet very powerful. Integrated sensors and the built-in Li-Ion battery keep the running costs per measurement low.

The headbox for ambulatory sleep staging records 4 EEG, 2 EOG and 1 EMG. In addition, combination sensors can be used to record PLM and ECG in order to complete the signals required for polysomnography.

Sensor Connection: Intelligent Connect
Display: Digital Touch
Size: 84 x 55 x 18 mm
Weight: 64g

Source: SOMNOmedics

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