Bongo Rx Preferred Over CPAP to Treat Sleep Apnea

bongo rx man sleeping

According to a recent Qualtrics Survey conducted September 4th through September 11th, of over 200 respondents with mild to moderate sleep apnea, more than 70% said they would prefer to try the FDA cleared Bongo Rx over traditional CPAP therapy to treat their sleep apnea when given the choice.

The Bongo Rx is a small, discreet nasal device that requires no CPAP machine, CPAP mask, CPAP hose, bulky headgear,  electricity or battery power.

The survey results highlight this new sleep apnea therapy device when compared to traditional CPAP machines and masks.  Industry experts estimate that approximately 50% of CPAP patients on average will eventually abandon their CPAP therapy and become non-compliant.

“I feel the results of this Qualtrics Survey reflect that mild to moderate OSA sufferers want a simple and effective alternative to traditional CPAP. Over 70% of the respondents in this survey chose Bongo Rx. It’s gratifying that years of effort by our team to develop the Bongo Rx have yielded such a great outcome,” says Bruce Sher, President of AirAvant Medical,  maker of the Bongo Rx.

The Bongo Rx will be featured at the World Sleep Congress in Vancouver, Canada on September 20-25 at the Vancouver Convention Centre 1055 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC Booth #326

Source: AirAvant Medical

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