Medline and Bleep Partner to Co-Brand/Distribute DreamPort CPAP Mask

Medline and Bleep LLC., a leader in sleep apnea solutions, announced today they have partnered to co-brand and distribute the DreamPort® Sleep Solution, the smallest and lightest CPAP mask-solution in the world, to the hospital and post-acute care markets.

“Our partnership with Bleep strengthens Medline’s portfolio of patient-centered solutions linked to improved outcomes,” said Tim Finnigan, respiratory division president at Medline. “This particular CPAP solution simplifies care, improving efficiency and experience for the healthcare staff while enhancing consistency of care.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to work together with Medline to accomplish their goal of Advancing the Health of Healthcare,” said Stuart Heatherington, Founder and CEO of Bleep. “We value Medline’s commitment to customers, organizational strength and dedication to improving patient outcomes, and we look forward to our future growth together.”

The patented DreamPort® Sleep Solution uses hypoallergenic medical grade adhesive strips to reduce the risk of leak and hold the DreamPorts in place under the nose for optimized comfort. They are easy to apply, do not leave marks on the face, fit every nose shape perfectly and don’t constrict movement, enabling patients to sleep in any position.

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