ACHC Accreditation Can Help Sleep Providers Meet New Rules

A recent medical policy change is altering Medicare credentialing and documentation requirements for hospital-based sleep labs and testing facilities in several states.

Achieving Sleep Accreditation from Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) can help sleep providers efficiently and effectively meet the new requirements while demonstrating their commitment to high-quality patient care and safety.

“Our patient-centered approach to Sleep Accreditation uses program-specific standards that are easy to access and interpret,” said Tim Safely, ACHC Program Director. “With over 700 accredited sleep facilities, ACHC is recognized as a leader in sleep compliance. We understand the needs of sleep facilities and are dedicated to improving patient outcomes while helping providers enhance business operations.”

To receive Medicare reimbursement, the requirements stipulate that hospital-based sleep labs and testing facilities now must meet the same compliance documentation criteria requirements as non-hospital based providers.

The updated medical policy, which became effective October 31, states that both hospital-based and nonhospital-based sleep providers must have on file documentation that the provider is in compliance with criteria like those found in ACHC Sleep Accreditation. Not supplying the documentation could result in a denial of claims by Medicare.

For over 30 years, ACHC has stood as a symbol of quality and excellence, and is known for providing value, integrity, and the industry’s best customer service. We offer Sleep Accreditation services for Sleep Labs/Centers and stand-alone Home Sleep Testing providers. Our Sleep Lab/Center Accreditation includes Home Sleep Testing (HST) standards, so sleep facilities accredited by ACHC also are accredited for HST at no additional charge.

ACHC’s flexible, educational approach makes us the provider’s choice for accreditation. Working with ACHC is not strictly about the end result. ACHC assists providers throughout the accreditation process by offering access to personal account advisors, clinical and regulatory support, and program-specific educational resources. And with no annual fees, ACHC offers cost-effective, competitive pricing to help providers achieve their accreditation goals.

Accreditation by ACHC reflects an organization’s dedication and commitment to meeting standards that facilitate a higher level of performance and patient care, which allows providers to set themselves apart while building trust and limiting risk.

For more information on ACHC Accreditation programs and services, or to download ACHC Accreditation Standards click here, email, or call (855) 937-2242. To review the medical policy article (A53019), visit the National Government Services website at

Source: ACHC

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