How to Determine Which Cloth CPAP Mask is Right for You

You have done your research and looked at PAP masks made of gel, silicone, plastic, and cloth—finally settling on a skin-friendly, all cloth mask. And you have made the very important decision to be positive and healthy and adopt PAP therapy as your avenue to staying healthy. Now it is time to determine the right skin-friendly mask for you. As many of us know, selecting a CPAP Mask can be frustrating as well as overwhelming for any PAP patient—the seasoned patient looking for a new mask as well as the ‘new to CPAP’ therapy patient.

In choosing cloth, you have already addressed your need for comfort and skin-friendly benefits. Possibly you have certain areas of your face that are susceptible to irritation or skin injuries, which helped you determine that a cloth cushion was for you. In addition to the fabulous skin-friendly benefits of the all cloth SleepWeaver masks, the lightness of the cloth makes it a great travel mask, and the breathable fabric wicks away moisture leaving your skin dry—even when you use a humidification unit!

Now, it is time to consider your personality as well as your sleep habits for your selection of “which” SleepWeaver mask is right for you. Ask yourself questions such as these:

  1. Do I prefer having a forehead strap that allows me to enjoy that feeling of extra “security”?
  2. Do I feel claustrophobic when I put a mask on my face?
  3. Do I get strap lines easily?
  4. Before I fall asleep at night, do I wear my glasses to read, watch TV or email?
  5. Do I have facial hair?
  6. Do I want my PAP mask to be “fun,” and do I enjoy wearing a mask with color? Or patterns?
  7. Am I a mouth breather? (I need to wear a full-face mask or a nasal and a chin strap.)

Once you have asked yourself these questions, explore the following product line of SleepWeaver masks to determine your best choice!

ADVANCE Family of Masks (Three Advance Nasal Mask Styles)

  1. ADVANCE Nasal Mask
    • Has a 3-point strap headgear (a forehead strap and 2 ‘under the ear’ straps) for PAP Users who prefer that feeling of extra security
    • The Advance mask covers your nose completely—from the bridge of the nose to under the nares
    • The Advance mask weighs 1.155 ounces—SO lightweight!
    • Fun mask colors and design choices include: Blue, Beige, Pink, Camo and Leopard!
  2. ADVANCE SMALL Nasal Mask
    • This Advance mask is designed for folks with a more petite head and facial landscape who also enjoy a forehead strap
    • The Advance Small design also achieves an incredible fit on facial landscapes that may have a flat bridge
    • The Advance Small also has an innovative interior seal under the nares that adds yet more comfort and provides an incredible seal
    • The Advance Small mask fits any petite person weighing over 66 pounds
    • Advance Small weighs only 1.130
    • The Advance Small mask cushion comes in one color: Beige
    • Designed and FDA cleared for kids between the ages of 2 to 7 years of age
    • Mask design is so minimal that it allows the child not to feel claustrophobic
    • Comes in one color: Blue
    • Has an innovative soft seal under the nares that creates an almost instant seal
    • Parents can easily help the child learn to put the mask on independently
    • The unique 5 point headgear can ‘grow’ with the child
    • The mask is SO lightweight—under one ounce (0.965)—that the child will not complain of anything ‘heavy’ on their face

ELAN Nasal Mask

• Elan comes in three sizes (Small/Regular/Large)
• There is also a STARTER KIT option which includes :
• One size Headgear
• Three sizes Mask/cushions (Small/Regular/Large) in either Blue or Beige
• A Featherweight Tube
• A Tether Strap
(When choosing the ELAN STARTER KIT, a PAP Patient has the convenience of trying all three mask cushions to determine their best fit, and it is only necessary to buy the Starter kit one time!)
• Elan sits low on the nose
• Elan has a wide-open forehead for visual freedom as there are four side straps. This is great for folks who read and watch TV and wear glasses
• Elan is lightweight – weighing only 1.505 ounces
• The Elan can be worn over the head with a tether strap
• Replacement Mask/cushions are available to extend the life of your Elan Mask in 5 Fun Colors: Blue-Beige-Pink- Camo and Leopard
• To determine the size of Elan – only one measurement is necessary: measure the width of your nares from outside nose to outside nose:
Small = 1 inch
Regular = 1 ¼ inch
Large = 1 ½ inch

3D Nasal Mask

• Open field of vision
• Four headgear straps above and under the ears
• Innovative headgear design allows for the base of the neck to be free of any headgear straps
• New elastic interface material creates an amazing seal
• One size mask/cushion
• Two sizes of headgear
• Comes in blue only
• AMAZING comfort and ease of wearing

ANEW Full Face Mask

• Lightest full face mask on the market
• Complete visual freedom and ability to wear eyeglasses
• Comes in three sizes mask/cushions: Small, Regular and Large
• Comes in two sizes headgear: Small and Regular
• Two simple measurements: 1) under the nares and 2) from the middle of the bridge of the nose to the middle of chin/then always use the smaller measurement
• Dual-chamber to individually seal the nose and the mouth
• Most unobtrusive full face mask on the market

Fit videos for each mask are available on each product page at


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