Free Online Pulmonary Rehab During COVID-19 Outbreak

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The Pulmonary Wellness Foundation (PWF) has announced the worldwide availability of a free pulmonary wellness and rehabilitation program for people suffering from respiratory disease in the U.S. and around the world. Lung disease patients are at increased risk of COVID-19, flu, pneumonia and other communicable respiratory illnesses according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with patients in the U.S. specifically being asked by the agency to stay home and avoid crowds including those at airports and on cruises.

“Pulmonary patients are looking for options for pulmonary wellness support, especially at this time of restricted travel for our patients who are already at increased risk,” said Robert Kaner, M.D., associate professor of medicine at the Weill Cornell Medical Center and scientific advisory committee chairman for the Pulmonary Wellness Foundation ( “Having an online option available for patients at no cost is an incredible opportunity for patients and their medical teams who are working to keep their patients in optimal condition.”

Often, pulmonary patients cannot afford access to traditional pulmonary rehabilitation due to lack of access, being uninsured, underinsured, or unable to afford co-pays to attend them.

“Many patients don’t want to take unnecessary risks by physically going to a program right now and I can’t say that I blame them,” said Noah Greenspan, DPT, CCS, Director of the Pulmonary Wellness & Rehabilitation Center and Founder of the PWF. “Having a remote alternative to an in-person pulmonary rehabilitation and wellness program can be a perfect alternative for these patients.  They also need up-to-date and trusted information related to the COVID-19 outbreak and the PWF is a trusted source.”

Pulmonary wellness programs offered and designed by the experts at the PWF can provide important support for patients who cannot attend an in-person program. Patients are required to speak with their doctors about starting any pulmonary rehabilitation or wellness program. To sign up for free pulmonary wellness programs offered by PWF, visit (

PWF’s pulmonary rehabilitation programs are designed specifically for the unique needs of patients with pulmonary limitations to address respiratory challenges faced by patients, including reliance on supplemental oxygen during exercise. The organization offers free access to a Pulmonary Wellness Boot Camp, a 42-day online Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program designed to help anyone living with respiratory disease either as an adjunct or alternative to traditional pulmonary rehabilitation programs to which many patients who would benefit currently cannot access.

Source: Pulmonary Wellness Foundation


    • That may depend on your state or county and your comfort level. I encourage you to contact your provider and ask them if they are accepting patients and what their COVID-19 precautions are.

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