Virtuox Offers Telemedicine Platform Free to Physicians

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A message from Kyle Miko, CRT/CSE, Founder VirtuOx/DocViaWeb

As our nation continues to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, we at VirtuOx understand our duty as leaders to provide solutions that can help save lives and minimize the spread of the virus. With the recent passage of the 1135 Waiver authority and the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act we are poised to help many patients during this pandemic by providing physicians and their patients with access to telemedicine(virtual) visits, in-home diagnostic procedures, and home-based treatment therapies.

VirtuOx is the largest home-based Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) in the USA that serves over 40,000+ new patients per month consisting of pulmonary, sleep, cardiac, and neurology testing. Our vital services allow patients to get qualified for oxygen, non-invasive ventilators, sleep apnea machines and more.

DocViaWeb, an affiliate company to VirtuOx, provides telemedicine through a HIPAA encrypted portal where clinicians and patients can see each other in real-time to conduct a digital face-to-face visit. During these visits, physicians can order home-based diagnostics like overnight oximetry, home sleep testing, home cardiac testing and home insomnia testing through VirtuOx. After the diagnostic tests are performed, the same physician who ordered the test can prescribe the appropriate life-saving treatments like oxygen, sleep apnea machines and more.

Understanding that the patient/physician visit is vital to the continuum of care, we at VirtuOx and DocViaWeb would like to offer access to our telemedicine software at no charge to any physician who needs to utilize this service to order home-based diagnostics, whether those are ordered through VirtuOx or not.

For those physicians who are unable to see their patients via telemedicine our experienced team of providers consisting of sleep, pulmonary, cardiac, and neurology are available to fill the void.

For more information, please email for more information or call 877-337-7111.

Source: VirtuOx

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