Healthcare Worker Protection Added Benefit Of Innovative Nebulizer System

Circulaire® ll Aerosol Drug Delivery System mitigates healthcare workers’ exposure to contagions like coronavirus while optimizing medication delivery for patients*

In today’s unprecedented challenge to protect healthcare workers on the front lines as they battle coronavirus, one Arizona company is providing a unique nebulizer system designed to mitigate caregiver exposure to contagions like COVID-19, while they administer aerosol therapy to their patients.

Nebulizers have long been used by medical professionals to treat a variety of respiratory diseases, such as asthma, cystic fibrosis and COPD. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, the safe use of nebulizers has become particularly challenging for healthcare workers as they treat patients with COVID-19 since nebulizers break up medications into small aerosol droplets that can escape into a room during therapy and potentially expose the healthcare worker to viral particles in the air.

The Circulaire® II Aerosol Drug Delivery System is a quasi-closed device that features an integral Exhalation Filter with bacterial (>99.99%) and viral (>99.98) efficiencies that reduce healthcare worker exposure to exhaled droplets and medication during nebulizer therapy. While not a complete solution, the Circulaire II from Westmed is the only aerosol delivery system currently available that includes an integral Exhalation Filter as a standard feature.

Westmed, Inc. is headquartered in Tucson, AZ, with additional manufacturing facilities in Nogales, Sonora and Tecate, Baja, MX. During the coronavirus pandemic, the company intends to donate $100,000 to local food banks in all three cities.

*Data on file at Westmed, Inc.

Source: Westmed

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