Rugby Legend Teams Up with ResMed to Help Australians Sleep Better

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Photo courtesy of National Rugby League

ResMed announced it has teamed up with Rugby League Hall of Fame inductee, current NSW Blues State of Origin head coach, and Channel 9 commentator Brad Fittler to help raise awareness of the importance of healthy sleep.

Fittler, widely recognized as one of the finest rugby league players ever, says there has never been a better time for all Australians to focus on their health, and in particular, on their sleep, an area now seen as the third pillar of health alongside diet and exercise.

“As a coach, I always tell my players good sleep is essential to good performance,” Mr. Fittler said. “If you’re not sleeping well, it’s tough to be at your best. But we know from a recent survey that four out of ten of us regularly don’t get the sleep our bodies need.1 We need to change that, Australia!”

Last year an Australian parliamentary committee recommended the Government make sleep health a national priority and recognize its importance to health and wellbeing alongside fitness and nutrition.

That recommendation aligns with an initiative by ResMed – an Australian-born global leader in sleep apnoea treatment and digital health – to change the way Australians sleep.

“Most of us know we feel better after a good night’s sleep. But unfortunately for too many of us, lifestyle pressures and other health problems can get in the way,” said Catherine Delamare, ResMed’s General Manager for Australia and New Zealand.

“But it doesn’t need to be this way,” Delamare continued. “Many sleep issues are treatable, so much of this is avoidable. We want more Australians to be aware of the options when they have sleep health questions and to make it easier to access the existing treatments.”

Fittler and ResMed’s sleep initiative kicks off tonight with a television commercial airing during the Nine Network’s broadcast of the resumption of the 2020 National Rugby League Season.

“I look forward to sleep every night,” Mr. Fittler said. “Together with ResMed, I want to make every single Australian aware that they could enjoy and benefit from sleep as much as I do. Sleeping well gives you the best chance for a good start to the day. It means you wake up, you’re ready, and you’re straight into it. The rest is up to you. If you’re not getting 7–9 hours a night, take a coach’s advice and do something about it.”

1 ResMed Sleep Health Survey, September 2019

Source: ResMed

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