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SleepScore Labs, the Sleep Science Company behind the world’s most comprehensive suite of data-backed sleep solutions, has announced its partnership with Ebb Therapeutics® and has added the wearable CoolDrift sleep device to its assortment of scientifically-validated products. The Ebb CoolDrift technology tackles the pervasive issue of sleeplessness, offering a solution to help the millions of adults who suffer from not being able to fall or stay asleep. The CDC notes that more than a third of American adults are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis.

With a solution so uniquely positioned to help such a large population of sleepers get the rest they seek, and as the only product of its kind in the SleepScore Store, this partnership furthers SleepScore’s mission to change the world by changing the way we sleep.

In recent studies conducted by Ebb, 80% of participants reported falling asleep faster and a noticeable improvement in their overall sleep quality.

Ebb CoolDrift sleep system is the first, and only, drug-free sleep aid solution to use continuous and precise cooling to reduce metabolic activity in the frontal cortex of the brain. This solution quiets the racing mind and allows users to fall asleep faster while achieving healthier, more restorative sleep. A scientifically engineered, fluid-filled headband softly wraps around the head and cools the forehead using an intelligent cooling algorithm to maintain an optimal temperature range throughout the night.

“Good products take time to develop, just like our own SleepScore technologies,” said Roy Raymann, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at SleepScore Labs. “Ebb CoolDrift stems from solid sleep science efforts spanning years. I recall Dr. Eric Nofzinger’s early scientific work on forehead cooling from the sleep conferences I attended. For some people, it is hard to shift their brain to a lower gear as they try to fall asleep. Their minds keep racing, but by gently cooling the forehead, Ebb’s product helps users to gear down, doze off more easily, and can even relieve hot flashes.”

Ebb’s newest wearable sleep device was born from nighttime studies and brain scans conducted by world-renowned sleep researcher, Dr Eric Nofzinger. CoolDrift technology is 100% non-addictive, backed by science, and clinically tested. The mind’s normal way of dealing with everyday stress and challenges in daily life is to be on guard or more alert – the reverse of what’s needed for a restful night of sleep. The cooling and calming nature of the CoolDrift sleep system is designed to counteract the way the mind reacts to stressful situations, allowing users to reach restorative sleep quicker so they can be at peak performance the next day. According to Ebb’s studies:

  • Forehead cooling can reduce the activity of the frontal brain and may promote sleep1
  • Forehead cooling can improve the ability to fall asleep as shown by reductions in the time to fall asleep, by up to 50%2
  • Qualitative research also showed that:
    • 8/10 users reported falling asleep faster
    • 8/10 users reported improvements in overall sleep quality
    • 7/10 users felt more alert in the morning

In addition to the clinical data that was conducted in individuals with insomnia and sleeplessness, Ebb has demonstrated through pilot studies that their technology can also improve sleep and other health parameters in specific segments such as menopausal womenand veterans4.

“We are proud and excited to partner with SleepScore as it adds even more confidence to Ebb CoolDrift consumers who are looking for validated solutions,” said Ebb Therapeutics CEO, Eduard Roosli. “A healthy life is also built on good sleep. Our mission to deliver a natural, safe and efficacious solution to sleeplessness finds at SleepScore a great destination to help everyone sleep better, be better and do better through Ebb CoolDrift.”

SleepScore Labs has developed a curated store of products that have been reviewed by sleep experts to help consumers discover science-backed sleep resources based on individual sleep needs. Every SleepScore validated product has thorough scientific evidence behind it, collected through independent studies run by SleepScore or through supporting evidence in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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4Nofzinger, E. Efficacy of a Forehead-Cooling Device for Treating Insomnia in Veterans. SLEEP, 2020, 43(S1), 0514.

Source: SleepScore Labs

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