Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Releases F&P myMask App for New CPAP Patients

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare has launched F&P myMask – an app designed to guide obstructive sleep apnea patients who are new to CPAP therapy through the mask setup process.

Starting CPAP therapy can be challenging, which is why F&P has created a tool to support patients through mask setup and troubleshooting. Step-by-step videos guide patients through mask fitting, fine-tuning, cleaning and assembly, giving easy access to instructions and support, complementing the care of the healthcare provider.

Patients can feel empowered to solve problems quickly and in their own time, helping to build confidence in their journey towards better sleep. F&P myMask offers support when it matters most. F&P myMask is now available in the USA on iOS and Android devices. Download the app.

Source: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

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