Nihon Kohden Launches New Software for its PSG Devices

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Nihon Kohden has announced the launch of Polysmith 12 polysomnography software. Version 12 of the Polysmith software includes more than 40 market-driven features that offer sleep specialists improved workflow, analysis and outcomes.

“With this 12th generation of our Polysmith software, we have improved scheduling to quickly highlight which patients need follow-up, and ensure no patients slip through the cracks,” said Bill Antilla, director of business development, neurology, at Nihon Kohden. “With these advancements, we continue to offer the most comprehensive array of solutions in the world, allowing sleep specialists to meet their patients’ needs in sleep diagnostics.”

The new, comprehensive Polysmith 12 software offers a cost-efficient design with a broad range of features that minimizes the need for middleware. These are some of the more than 40 features included:

  • Enhanced scheduling, prioritization, and email notification capabilities for improved workflow
  • Improved status tracking to organize patients based on priority and status
  • Ability to track patient progress to aid in improving outcomes
  • Full-feature database to easily access patient data, customized reports, administrative analyses, in-lab and Home Sleep Apnea Testing (HSAT) records.
  • Precision-built amplifier and HSAT technology for the hospital and home
  • Updated encryption to the latest security standards

Nihon Kohden continues to lead the way in the sleep market with HSAT, polysomnography, combined electroencephalogram (EEG) and polysomnogram (PSG) multi-modality tools, data management and IT-compatible solutions.

Source: Nihon Kohden

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  1. What lab has this equipment around the Northern Indiana? Is there a YouTube video showing the equipment and how user friendly it is?

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