RT on Ventilator Over 40 Days After COVID Diagnosis

rt with covid

Stacie Smith is a respiratory therapist in Jackson, MS. She and her husband Kevin were both diagnosed with COVID-19 in July.

“So we were in quarantine together. She ran a fever for about seven or eight days. And then I had to call an ambulance on August the 2nd due to the shortness of breath. She couldn’t breathe well, and so the ambulance got her she was sent to St. Dominic’s,” said Kevin Smith.

His wife spent the night in the emergency room, then was moved to intensive care and placed on a ventilator.

It’s been over 40 days.

“It’s been really hard. It’s been ups and downs. A lot of downs, but I will tell you that we have hundreds if not thousands of people praying for her. Her oxygen dropped really severely and they had to do a technique called proning,” said Smith.

Proning is the process of turning a patient over onto their stomach.

UMMC and Baptist Hospital are also using this method on their COVID-19 patients.

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Source: WLBT

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