3B Medical ‘Share the Aer’ Portable O2 Concentrator Giveaway

3b share the aer

We all know that life has not been the same since the start of the pandemic. 3B Medical wants to make a difference and impact the lives of patients in most need. Starting this month, 3B Medical will be sponsoring a contest to give away the newest and most technologically advanced portable oxygen concentrator on the market, the Aer X. If you know of a deserving patient that is struggling, has a valid oxygen prescription, and would be ambulatory if they had a POC, tell us their story. Every month for the next 6 months, 3B Medical will be giving away one free Aer X POC.

For patients without insurance or coverage that will not cover a POC, getting a free Aer X may be life-changing. Getting to the grocery store, church, or spending time with a grandchild at the park, are all made easier for patients with oxygen with a portable concentrator. Entering could not be easier. Simply tell us your story and how the Aer X might improve your life.

3B Medical is looking to partner with the DME community to help identify patients in most need. Help us help those in most need by sharing the Aer X giveaway at this link.

Source: 3B Medical


  1. I’m writing on behalf of my 82 years old aunt with cardiac issues and uses oxygen. She loves to visit her grandchildren out of town but unable due to the heavy oxygen tanks and the process of traveling with it. The Imogen would make her life easier and she would be able to go shopping, church, and visit her grandchildren more.

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