New Device for Putting on Sterile Gloves Automatically


Texas Medical Technology launched its iNitrile disposable glove dispenser to combat infections in businesses and organizations. The machine utilizes an automated process to help organizations streamline tedious daily tasks, minimize waste, and improve cost-efficiency.

Infections can often come from places people seldom consider, and with COVID-19, simply washing your hands or wearing a mask isn’t enough. Many infections today, for instance, are transmitted as a result of wearing disposable gloves incorrectly or leaving the glove box open so that germs are transmitted through them. Following the 2016 regulation prohibiting disinfecting powder in gloves, their sterility became compromised, and their efficacy waned. Additionally, close to half of the dispensable gloves used worldwide are discarded even before use, resulting from wearers tearing a glove while putting it on or accidentally taking out several at a time. With a viral pandemic in our midst, the need for a smarter and safer approach is more urgent than ever.

Texas Medical Technology tackles this challenge with its state-of-the-art iNitrile disposable glove dispenser. The machine first verifies an authorized user through its check-in function, utilizing radio-frequency identification to scan their badge or tag. A compartment then opens, allowing them to insert their hand into an inflated glove. Each iNitrile device is connected and submits information to a cloud-based network, allowing users to maintain a clear overview of operations, requirements, and usage statistics. The machine is suitable for both latex and nitrile non-powdered gloves.

iNitrile glove dispenser ensures organizations substantially improve upon their own safety protocols amidst a pandemic. An easily accessible and plentiful supply of disposable gloves will greatly improve sterilization rates, as well as prevents inadvertent infection from being transmitted within a workplace or venue. The ongoing use of the device helps organizations achieve significant savings in operating costs, reducing up to 40 percent in glove waste over the first year of operation. iNitrile’s built-in, cloud-based management software enables businesses to streamline stock management by managing the usage process and supply levels.

“It’s been our mission since the get-go to get organizations back to operational capacity,” says Omri Shafran, Founder & CEO of Texas Medical Technology. “iNitrile will really help companies gain the initiative to begin implementing safer protocols, where employees are protected, resources are saved, and peace of mind is afforded.”

Source: Texas Medical Technology


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