New Pulse Technology Cannabis Sleep Aid

Curio good night cannabis sleep aid

The American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine published a new, independent study that evaluated Good Night pulse technology cannabis sleep aid, scientifically developed and manufactured by Maryland-based health and wellness company Curio Wellness. The study demonstrates a correlation between cannabis and better-quality sleep and proves the effectiveness of the sleep aid.

The new sleep aid relies on a unique, patent-pending pulse-release technology that works throughout the night. The technology releases an initial “pulse” or release of medicine when first taken, followed by a second pulse two to three hours later. Good Night’s innovative use of pulse-release technology is uncommon for products within the cannabis industry. By dividing doses into separate pulses, as opposed to one large dose, Good Night is able to eliminate negative side-effects previously seen by a single large dose of cannabinol.

Curio Wellness used SleepScore Labs research technology, data and analytics services to independently evaluate the benefits of Good Night on real patients. The study found participants felt they spent less time awake at night, slept more per night and woke up less frequently. In fact, 65 percent reported being more satisfied with their sleep and reported feeling better rested during the day, when used four times per week. Which is good news for U.S. consumers who are struggling more than ever with falling asleep and staying asleep, due to the increasing anxiety associated with COVID-19 impact.

“At Curio, everything we do is driven by our medical-based approach. As a result, our investment in research and development is unparalleled,” said Michael Bronfein, CEO of Curio Wellness. “This research partnership with SleepScore on this study and the development of Good Night is a result of that commitment. I am proud to be one of the only companies in our industry that can say with confidence that our products are backed by scientifically proven results.”

Curio Wellness has designed an innovative range of cannabis products to help address and alleviate symptoms for a wide array of medical conditions – from pain management and cancer to anxiety and PTSD. Curio Wellness is cGMP certified, the same quality standard set by the FDA for the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies to ensure that consumer products meet the most stringent guidelines.

Source: Curio Wellness

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