New Sleep App Uses AI to Detect OSA

mintal sleep app

Mintal, an emerging wellness and lifestyle brand, has launched two flagship sleep apps, Mintal Sleep and Mintal Tracker, that address sleep disorders, anxiety and mental health concerns.

Mintal focuses on improving people’s overall well-being through scientifically informed wellness techniques and innovations. This includes a new approach for detecting sleep apnea using machine learning technology, which is an exclusive in-app feature of the Mintal Tracker app that doesn’t require any additional hardware or devices. Mintal’s technology judges whether there is an airflow obstruction by analyzing the acoustic characteristics of snoring sounds while accounting for environmental noise.

The two sleep apps include many features, such as sleep tracking, anxiety relief exercises, and a wide variety of sleep and meditation sounds crafted by meditation experts, including ASMR, white noise and rain. Additional content and services, such as snore treatment courses, sleep apnea detection, sleep and wellness coaches, and access to a huge library of relaxation sounds are available through a subscription.

Key features of Mintal Sleep include:

  • An extensive library of free sleep-inducing audio, including ASMR, white noise, deep sleep, meditation, bedtime stories, rain and more
  • Breathing exercises for mindfulness and relaxation
  • Sleep tracking and advice to improve your quality of sleep in seven days
  • On-demand sleep and wellness coaches

Key features of Mintal Tracker include:

  • Innovative sleep apnea detection powered by machine learning technology
  • A comprehensive sleep journal with automatically generated sleep analysis reports and tailored advice
  • Snoring treatment courses to reduce snoring frequency and improve sleep quality
  • Sleep-talk detection

Download the Mintal Sleep and Mintal Tracker apps for free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Source: Mintal

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