Vitalograph Launches New Spirometer, New Software with ECG and Redesigned Website

Vitalograph launches new spirometer, new software with ECG and redesigned website.

The next-generation Vitalograph Pneumotrac™ Spirometer, combined with Spirotrac® PC software, is a powerful tool for respiratory diagnosis of both adults and pediatrics. Capture reliable test results immediately with Pneumotrac’s precise and durable measuring technology which is extremely accurate and stable over time. Connects instantly to your PC by USB, delivering results through the new, improved Spirotrac 6 software. Compliance with the 2019 ATS/ERS spirometry update ensures your service meets international guidelines on accuracy and reporting. The Vitalograph Pneumotrac™ Spirometer easily connects to your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system to streamline your clinical workflow.

Features include:

  • Highly accurate, robust, and stable Fleisch flow measuring technology with no moving parts
  • Supports full-feature spirometry testing and bronchodilator responsiveness testing with over 50 available parameters
  • Instant quality feedback using the latest 2019 ATS/ERS grading, test/session acceptability, usability, and repeatability criteria
  • Low running costs and environmentally friendly: no need for costly disposable sensors, turbines, adaptors, or flow tubes.
  • FREE 5-Year warranty
  • FREE online device training


Spirotrac 6

Spirotrac®6 PC software provides a powerful respiratory diagnostic platform. This redesigned software is compliant with 2019 ATS/ERS spirometry guidelines, meeting international guidelines on accuracy and reporting. The software includes a 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) option with detailed results based on the University of Glasgow interpretation algorithm. A brand-new user interface provides advanced quality control feedback for rapid and easy testing. Filing and storing results could not be simpler with fast connection to your electronic medical record (EMR) system, streamlining your clinical workflow.

Five Key Benefits

  • Supports full-feature spirometry testing and bronchodilator responsiveness testing with over 50 available parameters
  • Provides instant quality feedback using the latest 2019 ATS/ERS spirometry grading, test/session acceptability, usability, and repeatability criteria
  • Uses latest global lung function initiative (GLI) predicted equations with lower limit of normal (LLN), %Pred and Z-scores for accurate assessment of abnormality
  • Saves time and ensures consistency with Standardised Operator Comments to quickly add comments to the subject record
  • Combines spirometry and ECG into one comprehensive patient record. The integrated Glasgow Algorithm provides a computer-generated analysis of potential cardiac abnormalities, a full range of parameters, interpretation, and rhythm analysis Redesigned

Vitalograph® (USA) Inc. is inviting visitors to explore their new website.  The new website allows customers to see the full range of Vitalograph products and services, through a more user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality.

Created with the customer in mind, the site includes many new features and information on respiratory diagnostic devices, medical equipment, clinical trial services and medical research papers for the respiratory community.

New features include:

  • Website split into Healthcare and Clinical Trials to suit the customer journey
  • Rapid response functionality allowing compatibility with various browsers and mobile devices
  • Reference Paper Resource area
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines area
  • Reimbursement codes information
  • Product filters to easily narrow down the product portfolio.
  • Online shopping with new cart functionality to streamline the purchasing process
  • Full information on Vitalograph’s Clinical Trial product solutions and services.
  • Look ahead navigation which reduces the number of clicks to navigate the site.
  • 5 Year-Product Registration and Spirotutor® Online Training.
  • Service and Support information.
  • Product Videos

In addition, the new product filters allow Vitalograph to place their complete portfolio on the site while still allowing the user to easily navigate through the line.

The new Resources section allows visitors to stay informed with the latest industry news, guidelines, and references.  The user is always just one click away from useful and pertinent respiratory research, clinical practice guidelines and other spirometry information.

Vitalograph is a world-leading provider of the highest quality respiratory diagnostic devices, clinical trial services and medical equipment servicing. With a pioneering heritage of excellence spanning over half a century, Vitalograph continues to make valuable contributions to effective medical care and enhanced quality of life.

For more information contact Vitalograph here.


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