sovaSage Updates TherapistAssist with Instantaneous Handoff of Mask Recommendations

sovaSage Incorporated, announced the latest release of its TherapistAssist software (version 7.0). This new release provides an effortless and instantaneous handoff of mask and mask sizing recommendations between sleep labs, home sleep study services and durable medical equipment (DME) providers.

The patent-pending software, already delivering efficiency and accuracy benefits to DMEs, is now also available for sleep labs and for home sleep testing services. This new capability helps increase efficiencies for the sleep lab, while documenting the mask fitting required for the physician’s clinical consultation with the patient.

Once a fitting is completed, it may be seamlessly and securely transferred to the DME receiving the patient referral. This allows them to select the optimal long-term mask for each patient according to the DMEs formulary instantaneously. This also eliminates the need for DMEs to do second fittings and further increases patient onboarding efficiency and accuracy.

The software assists respiratory therapists in managing CPAP, BiPAP and Auto-PAP therapies by leveraging artificial intelligence, novel computer vision, and more than three years of research, development, and field tests. The most comprehensive solution available on the market, TherapistAssist supports 100% virtual fittings and therapist assisted fittings, and may be used on a tablet if conducting a fitting in person.

“Our latest release represents a huge step forward for the care of OSA patients by allowing the selection and fitting of the optimal mask at all points in the patient care process.” said William Kaigler, cofounder and CEO of sovaSage.

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