Specific Needs for Pediatric Sleep Polysomnograms

Specific Needs for Pediatric Sleep Polysomnograms

Pediatric Sleep Polysomnograms

  • Pediatric sized thermistors
  • Pediatric sized nasal cannulas for
    • PTAFs
    • EtCO2
    • O2
  • Pediatric sized dual cannulas for EtCO2 and PTAF data collection simultaneously
  • If possible, the use of disposable supplies. Children tend to pull and rip thermistors, PTAFs, and other wires off. Often this equipment is broken in the process.
  • Pediatric sized Calibrated RIP with SUM channel. This is important because this can be used as a last resort when the child will not tolerate the nasal cannula and the thermistor. Also, important if there are long periods of time without the cannula or thermistor during the sleep study.
  • Should have both a TcCO2 and EtCO2. The TcCO2 is important to have if the child does not tolerate the nasal cannula for the EtCO2 or if doing PAP titration. Even if the adult sleep center is not doing PAP titrations on pediatrics it is still valuable to have because a child can always be severe enough OSA during the baseline study that warrants PAP titration that same night.
  • Wide variety of PAP masks in all sizes. Specifically having the FDA approved pediatric PAP masks.
  • Crash cart
    • CPR masks. Must have all sizes of Pediatric CPR masks for emergencies.
    • Pediatric AED pads.
  • Bed rails for those pediatric patients suspected of having parasomnias.
  • A place for the parent to sleep in the room, such as a recliner or cot.
  • A registered sleep technologist trained and willing to work with pediatric patients
  • A specific pediatric friendly room/s
  • Pediatric education material
  • Stuffed animal or dolls to show younger children where the electrodes placed and they can play along during the hookup process

List compiled by Michael McLeland, PhD, RPSGT

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