Vitalograph Podcast Adds New Series “Ask the Respiratory Therapist”

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Vitalograph® (USA) Inc. has created a series of special editions for their Exhale podcast focused on the front lines of the great pandemic.  The next several episodes will be titled “Ask the Respiratory Therapist.” This special series will interview multiple Respiratory therapists and PFT technicians in different healthcare situations caring for COVID-19 infected patients. They share their experiences with the public, what they endured during this pandemic, and what they expect of the future.

The host of Exhale is Mark Russell, Marketing Communications Manager, and Janson Lanier, National Sales Manager and respiratory therapist for Vitalograph US, a global leader in respiratory diagnostics.

Kimberly Wins KoldoffThe most recent interview is with Kimberly Wins Koldoff, BBA, RRT, a respiratory therapist working at a medical center outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Exhale connected with her when she posted on LinkedIn an emotional cry after a long shift and a plea to get vaccinated.

Here’s her message: “My shifts this weekend confirmed my fears…Covid is indeed back. Today was one of the most exhausting days I’ve ever worked. I’m grieving. I’m angry. I’m scared. I’m tired. What can we do? Please consider getting vaccinated if you haven’t already.”

These interviews with respiratory therapists and their colleagues on the frontlines say a lot about the pressure and the courage of the past 18 months. The days have been long, the breaks have been few, and the urgency has been unrelenting. These interviews intend to shed some light on these medical heroes and what they endure day after day during the COVID pandemic.

Source: Vitalograph

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