FDA Meets a Court Deadline, But Fails to Protect America’s Kids from E-cigarettes

The Food and Drug Administration issued decisions on new tobacco product applications, addressing the over 6 million unique products and flavor variations submitted for agency review. Missing from the FDA’s announcement was a decision on a company that has the largest e-cigarette market share – Juul.

“How the FDA could fail to make a decision on Juul products is beyond me,” said ATS Tobacco Action Committee Chair Michelle Eakin, PhD. “Juul has the largest share of the e-cigarette market and its products were a primary driver in the sky-rocketing rise in youth e-cigarette use. The FDA has delayed long enough. Until the agency addresses Juul, Puffbar and other companies that are driving the youth e-cigarette market, it is failing to do its job.”

The ATS will continue to demand that the agency enact and implement an effective regulatory strategy to reduce youth tobacco use – including e-cigarettes and reduce overall tobacco dependency in the U.S.

Source: ATS

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